Plus! Business is a web portal that features NTUC Link’s business products.

By using data to empower business capabilities, Plus! Business enables merchants to have valuable and meaningful relationships with their consumers.

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Plus! is one of Singapore’s largest and most successful multi-partners loyalty programme. Started in 1998, the programme now reaches over 2 million individuals, touches 90% of households, comprises more than 140 merchants and is available at more than 1200 outlets across Singapore.

Yes, you can. Plus! for Business is a holistic suite of products with solutions for your business needs.

Yes, we do. If you’re a new user, we can offer product demos or walk-throughs to familiarise you with our products. For existing users, we have technical guides and training sessions with our in-house product and marketing experts, to help answer your questions.

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Yes, we welcome partners from a variety of industries.

While the Plus! Programme is administered under NTUC Link Pte Ltd, a social enterprise of the NTUC Labour Movement, our business products are available to all businesses.  

To date we have more than 140 partners including Caltex, Courts, Agoda, Bee Cheng Hiang and Poh Heng, who enjoy the benefits of our well-established, wide-ranging consumer rewards programme.

We support businesses both large and small, from multi-national corporations to local SMEs.

Using our highly customisable price plans and bundles, you can find a suitable combination for your requirements.

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No. We support businesses from all major industries, including but not limited to Food & Beverage, Retail, Transportation, Travel and Leisure, and Services.
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Plus! Loyalty

A data-driven, scalable loyalty platform where partners can build and design a perfect loyalty solution for their business, using a combination of our Loyalty capabilities such as LinkPoints, Digital Vouchers, Digital Gift Cards, Digital Stamps, Rewards Catalogue, and Points Exchange. 

Visit our Loyalty page for more details.
LinkPoints is Singapore’s most established loyalty currency with over 6,000 merchant acceptance points and 98% annual redemption rate. As a business, your LinkPoints issuance rate can be customised to fit your budget and campaign objectives.

Plus! Engage

Plus! Engage is an intelligent marketing platform that leverages on 360-degree consumer data to enable meaningful conversations. It tracks transaction data across multiple devices and channels, predicts customer needs and wants, and provides businesses with an easy content creation and delivery capability that allows them to reach out to the right customer with the right offer at the right time.

Yes, we can. Plus! Engage leverages on a large database of over 2 million Plus! members. Our intelligent marketing platform can process thousands of data signals covering demographic, regional and transaction data.

By using data analytics models, we build customer profiles and predict customer behaviour. We can identify your most relevant customers. When you create a promotional offer on our platform, we ensure that your message reaches these targeted customers.

Yes, it is. With a simple self-service platform, Plus! Engage is a fuss-free solution for time-strapped businesses.

You can create content easily with our ready-made templates. At the back end, our data analytics team will identify and target your most relevant customers. All you have to do is send in your promotional offer and upload a picture. Our automated system will take care of the rest.

Yes, you can. We’ve got you covered with our in-house marketing experts, marketing channels, and targeted audience, all packaged into an easy-to-use self-service platform.

It takes just a few minutes to join a thematic email campaign. Once you write a promotional offer and upload a picture, you’re done. No special marketing expertise is needed.

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