Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Plus! business site

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains how NTUC Link Private Limited (“NTUC Link”) deals with the information, including Personal Data (defined below) and Customer Data (defined below) collected from users of the Plus! business site at“Business Site”) and subscribers of the Services available at the Business Site.

For the purpose of this Policy, “Services” shall refer to all business products and services offered by NTUC Link through the Business Site. “Users” shall refer to users of the Business Site and subscribers of the Services available at the Business Site. “Personal Data” refers to any data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified (a) from that data; or (b) from that data and other information to which NTUC Link have or is likely to have access. Examples of Personal Data of Users include full name, NRIC, telephone number, mailing address, email address, transactional data of an identified User and IP address, which are collected by NTUC Link via different ways as set out in this Policy. Personal Data excludes business contact information.

NTUC Link is committed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information and

Personal Data collected and has been awarded ISO 27001: 2013 – Certification for Information

Security Management Systems (ISMS). In addition, the collection, use, disclosure and storage of Personal Data by NTUC Link are in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection

Act 2012 (the “Act”).

Users are encouraged to read this Policy carefully. By accessing and/or using the Services and the Business Site or otherwise interacting with NTUC Link in connection with the Services, the User is deemed to be above eighteen (18) years of age and is duly authorised by the subscriber of the Services to provide the information and Personal Data to NTUC Link.

Users may contact NTUC Link at 6223 5225 or email to if they have any questions regarding this Policy or the collection, use, disclosure and storage of their information, including Personal Data, as described in this Policy, or NTUC Link’s compliance with the Act.

Collection and Use of Personal Data 

NTUC Link collects Personal Data from Users via the following ways:-

  1. when they subscribe to any of the Services through the Business Site.
  2. when they access and/or use the Services or the Business Site;
  3. when they submit forms (whether manual or online) to NTUC Link in relation to the Services;
  4. when they provide feedback to NTUC Link about the Services; and
  5. generally through any means of communication or interaction between Users and NTUC Link in connection with the Services and/or Business Site.

NTUC Link collects, uses, discloses, stores and processes the Personal Data of Users for the following purposes:-  

  1. To assess, fulfil, process, service, and/or manage their subscription to the Services;
  2. To implement and carry out the Services;
  3. To conduct internal analysis and research, including conducting surveys, focus group reviews and interviews;
  4. To contact Users in respect of matters relating to the Services or the Business Site; and
  5. Any other reasonable purposes in connection with the Services and Business Site.

(Collectively, “Purposes”).

Additionally, NTUC Link may from time to time contact Users, through communication means including but not limited to emails, newsletters and text messages, to market and promote NTUC Link’s other business products and services which NTUC Link believe may be of interest to the User. If a User wishes to opt out of such marketing communication, it can update its preferences in its account via the Business Site or contact NTUC Link at

Collection and Use of Your Customer Data

In some instances, NTUC Link will be required to collect the Personal Data of Users’ customers (“Customer Data”) in order to render the Service to subscribers of the Service. For example, Strategy Merchants of Plus! Engage may be required to provide their Customer Data to NTUC Link for the purpose of NTUC Link’s implementation of marketing campaigns targeted at such User’s customers upon such User’s request. NTUC Link will collect and use the Customer Data for the purpose of rendering the Service to subscribers of the Service only.

Disclosure of Personal Data and Customer Data

NTUC Link will only provide the necessary Personal Data to third party service providers or data intermediaries (including lettershoppers and IT vendors) that process data or render services for or on behalf of NTUC Link and only for the Purposes set out in this Policy.

NTUC Link does not disclose the Customer Data to any third parties unless the same is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the Customer Data was collected. For example, where NTUC Link engages third party service providers to implement marketing campaigns for Strategy Merchants of Plus! Engage, NTUC Link will disclose the Customer Data to such third party service providers in order to implement the marketing campaigns at the User’s request pursuant to its subscription of the Services.

Storage, Handling and Retention of Personal Data and Customer Data 

NTUC Link will store the Personal Data and Customer Data strictly in accordance with the Act. Where Personal Data and Customer Data is handled by third party service provides or data intermediaries, whether in Singapore or otherwise, NTUC Link will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Data is handled in a manner that complies with the Act.

NTUC Link will retain the Personal Data collected for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the Purposes or as required by applicable laws.

NTUC Link does not retain the Customer Data once the purpose for which the Customer Data has been fulfilled and the retention is no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.

Use and Disclosure of Anonymised Information 

NTUC Link may anonymise and/or process in aggregate, the Personal Data collected for marketing and strategic development purposes.



A “cookie” is a piece of data that is sent by a web server to a web browser. It identifies a User as a unique user and enables the server to collect information from the User’s browser. It will be sent to the User’s computer every time the User visits the Business Site. Generally, NTUC Link uses cookies to simplify the logging on process for registered Users, to help ensure the security and authenticity of registered Users, to provide the mechanisms for online shopping and to enable traffic monitoring. Non-registered Users are sent anonymous cookies to keep track of their browsing patterns and to allow NTUC Link to estimate the audience size. This allows NTUC Link to compile statistics to understand how Users use the Business Site and helps NTUC Link to improve the structure, services and features of the Business Site. In addition, any visitor who has clicked on a website advertisement on another site that links to the Business Site will be sent a session cookie (which are temporary cookies that remains in the cookie file until the User leaves the Business Site) that will allow NTUC Link to analyse advertising effectiveness and manage their relationship with affiliate sites. Users will not be personally identified in this exercise. Users do not need to allow their browser to accept cookies in order to browse this Website or access any services in the Business Site. However, Users must be cookies enabled if they wish to do an online transaction or access any area reserved for registered Users.

Withdrawal of Consent

Users may request to withdraw their consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and processing of their Personal Data at any time by either updating their preferences in their account via the Business Site or contacting NTUC Link at Please allow 10 working days for the request to be processed. Please note that the use of Personal Data by NTUC Link may be essential in order to render the Service to Users and if consent to the use of the Personal Data is withdrawn, NTUC Link may not be able to continue providing the Service to such User. 


Links to other websites – The Business Site may contain links to other websites which may contain their own privacy policies. NTUC Link is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of such websites which are linked from the Business Site. It is the User’s responsibility to read the privacy policies of such websites before accessing such websites. 


Changes to the Privacy Policy – NTUC Link may amend, revise or update this Privacy Policy where they deem it necessary to do so. This is last updated on 1 July 2018.